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will will will the eye. yet i can't prosecute his office he trains his tomb of the vignettes embrace the life of the self proclaimed in the fourth republic the so called coyote tried to take dance. in fact streets. it is my daddy dance and eat some cool info was swaying. with that. there's a cycle march is seeking to define a condom demonstration of some poems by his acts and sweat onto the screen gets
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cold in the crossfire execution of the high twenties because they draw waiting in agony thought the greatest human rights defenders called for a moratorium on the death penalty . fourteen on the international. may day celebrations have ten times and against houston the kind that's when thousands of anti government activists of occupied the regional prosecutor's office embrace the fact that the self proclaimed genius for health authorities say twenty six people were injured on the sports late with this yourself. life is about to get on to the prosecutor's office had to concede. it's not breaking up chunks of pavement and putting it at the security forces and at
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the end for the content that in a stunning often see just how very very skinny yet. it was a demonstration that started off with a typically self. nothing to say and so suppose i will be people took to the top to make that much chance to the prosecutor's office. what did you think the statements coming from the prophet which is used. he said. i suspect that it did keep a can of opposing defenses christine. the team what the people of. the it seems. it could be banned the date of the building that off. beneath the waves
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every week. indiana. beans. i need. be. she began our skates and a little more these nice people the eighteen thousand feet without holding on to the blanket inside the building. as you can see that. the wall like this is a problem you could tell the building when i get it to be getting sealed. i need even if the new staff has tainted with the debate be able to speak has been put in a hostile to be building his house stuff when i knew the situation seems under
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control. what is the ox. east to be paid. well jim and jim is often drawn to his written extensively on the credit crisis least this recent escalation also reveals the term i teach all comings of the country's future in the kitchen. the violence is becoming more and more book re also thought that the key of government efforts have come true to one's own country the ukrainian as i was sitting on the way when we win the medal table. it's not that it's the minority faiths they consume. and to keep richardson with governed by a porch came to their impulse buyer beware slightly to its well if you move into contention of scotland there with the support of the north with the support it. of course we will be following the events in ukraine bring you more updates and expect opinion or here on our team to national and or site nation deprived and we would take a closer look to be on
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my plate and conditions and a pension impact when it rains shunted back on him the annual may day rallies of us once again decided to use the findings to taking the sample was being the scene of intense street course we checked around ninety people injured. many older detained by the security forces police and attacked in a game on prepaid gas and water cannon describes tried to get to the playmates at the wedding defines us. demonstrations protests is that what so called trials and climate security forces in response authorities will fill this class hiking and he's good at hiding things present in the area. auntie sarah. this is that if the goal for thought and conscience. i wanted to cry whine when they opened with it. and the pay to have the indictment. he could see what the cannon
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from a knee in the pay gap ihave not. the cleaning fairy fairy tale took him to eat with the bank. i was quite predictable. we could feed the masses and that the might of the frame as they continue. i'll let the gloves on. the present the flight you can see that the indictment. i'm a bit too long. the indictment. like the i look at the table
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the above. i am home with me the site. i got going. i have to keep calm. what about the tape out the acting company cannot be back to bite me for that. the baby and putting off writing. he said. on top. all of the action in istanbul you can follow that with the favored one. i sank the putt is a night residency at the knights of st suspect meet the needs in case that the star is uploading videos and pictures for you all the chaotic scenes. hastings regular updates and to tighten up. my daddy about it
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again scott's older teen unemployment are being held across the clyde be thinking in athens on the swing set of the reports now from the greek capital. thousands gathered to hear and sense the country's main private sector sector unions on hold demonstrations and strikes across the country are simply expressing what they don't like about the state of the market right now it needs to know that even though we suspect great strides in improving the squad to happen said the country's skills and a massage. in some cases that's where we are trying to change or society were not going to lie what is happening to continue. enough is enough we're not going to tolerate this the new ross keenan governments to read thus the job cuts so that people can meet and to what we want them to stop redundancies and that the cuts we want a respectable salary. want to get the people in the air and the like. many people are
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the in the country. at times the city to the top of it. we are no worst country in europe in terms of employment one and two young people don't work. there's a significant brain drain with many people leaving greece to go to germany. in other countries in the north the process. critics say something like that. twenty percent by two thousand and sixteen. ours was. we had the league's themselves don't feel that saying. probably some of the upright. but here's my colleagues to set up my day celebrations elsewhere in europe. a trip to see jaws of money to buy a cd of different grapes close to the trade union. read the full front office and ratty they are out protesting against job cuts and campaigning the backs of lacking consistency but stephens thompson as the anti
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cox campaign as an anti war activists who have come to make a stand in halfback said in a period of austerity. we got a vicious dog monday tories and liberals it's not like the movement. so one of my commitment. watts back with the government has systematically take a poll on what good are the components of our system of government and its lack of wealth and at the sloshing of sale of what it's like to think right next to its attention to. i've read a chart and we ended up with all the time it was time to laugh to think that was the easy way to get across to them that it's an old married people say that that the man with a lot to do something about sydney's cannot and will be given. what the onsen on friday placate. jimmy new signing the five hundred thousand people to last may day demonstrations calling for a rise in the minimum wage. i'm more social justice
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or side dish to running against the nazis and magical some scuffles did take place in the capital that unless he who began painting that i get home in east of course knowing that my day running around with you are tagged you. i tuned in. i of all executions in the us has left a comment they draw leaving and i can eat before donning the hawks at the fair with a deficit that calls for a moratorium on capital punishment. it only takes on average to six minutes for prisoners to die now today received an e an injection but i can milk it took seven times is donkey died in extreme high forty three minutes on to the drugs were administered counties report on a small on the story the america is among the top
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five nations that leave the world in executions they are reset lethal injection gone back to typical execution to take it that way about six and twelve minutes to forty three minutes of a home birth. blinds were closed because something was going so wrong is casting a spotlight on making him the map it's behind capital punishment in the us the american and the world is getting close and personal look at the depth of the anti really operates and what we're seeing is ugly. on tuesday oklahoma in me clean unlock it died a slow and people that after his lethal injection was administered witnesses say he was withering for forty three minutes telling dr something's wrong. before eventually suffering a massive heart attack. it began writing her maturity it hadn't been at work early he tried to speak to him like a time. well the first
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two were inaudible. doing the work and he'd been to compete in a state of the time and effort. well according to reports the three drugs used to kill our kids are not primarily intended as an execution trucks and come with a host of warnings about suppressing the respiratory system and causing more trouble in recent years. drug makers mostly in europe have stopped selling their medications us prisons because they don't want their products be used to kill individuals as a result states have scrambled to find new suppliers and cattle own recipes for executions. he made he says officials refused to disclose what strokes or b use and where they're coming. when states are refusing to provide this kind of information. the tragic result we saw in oklahoma are what we're going to get. in january in ohio in me took twenty five minutes to die by injection gas being repeatedly as he leaned on
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the stretcher in oklahoma another prisoner complained of feeling his whole body burning after being the three injected the injections by the way are being administered by prison officials are not medical professionals medical community. doctors in particular are prohibited by their ethical old concrete dissipating in executions in this way. and one of the issues that come up over and over again is whether the people who are actually a ministry that tried to gauge the executions have been training and an experience to do this in a way that is consistent the constitution oklahoma has granted a two week all to all executions but in many other states critics saying experiments on to row inmates will carry on tearing up when i am the rt new york. capital punishment is legal in case he teach us thanks to the minute the most common method of execution these weekly injection but the execution the gas chamber
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arms caught the eye. i still and i put in some places a recent study suggests that about one in twenty five prisoners on death row i can actually be innocent the money she didn't have a ninety three which reports on criminal justice as he should be more transparency around executions. there's no question that the bad things are happening resulting from the use of these new largely untested drugs that the government is not providing information on where they got them or some cases what the drums are the state reports that it is executing people. on behalf of the to keep the safe as part of the republic criminal justice system and so on. if that's the case in the has a right to know. well what's going on during that process what terms are you seeing what the effects of the shrubs or where the drugs came from the notion that our government can execute people basically in secret he's saying the drugs that they're not disclosing where they kept him from or what the terms are his and greet
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in moral issue. it is like a quick break now but when we come back petitioning full protection. ten thousand people signed a document calling on the beach. i don't minimize it and the audience was suprised at story of will and accompaniments the eye. the key. the news a secret laboratory to her he was able to build world's most sophisticated world when sean fortunately it doesn't get it all done anything since mission to teach creation wanted to care about humans and the us. this is why you should care. watch only on auntie dawn tall really though so we did privacy versus security years ago. questions that no one is asking with the guests
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that you deserve answers from it's all on politics. only on rte. no i i i the new. i welcome the support is that the brits who knowingly have come to ten downing street petition in and demanding protection. the days he sheds light on government and corporate wrongdoing. play so the government officials to report corruption. and they kept the doors slammed
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in and takes. the document signed by ten thousand people call was on the uk government tonight to victimize a snoop was so close to crawling down to the study is the basic supplies of wrongdoing that she'd placed recently. not that people can really do today. wendy addison is one of the ice when did i mean streak and she tell the auntie bought whistleblowers want to surprise me to pull. i was the most dreadful of the biggest ad is asked in some african history. and then i view the whistle on malfeasance within a listed company in south africa and that is the company was on the johannesburg stock exchange. and as with his era as i discover it's an easy he listened to me of all all all stakeholders finance at him and that surprised me today to find my voice to speak on to get instant. and an inside gate. my mind for a change in the book of details to. next he goes into
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the street though the compost pile when it has since taken the bait but the exciting thing about this and the thing that we need to hang our head to head on. is that it's attend a conversation it's coming from the perspective all the whistle that he often victimized will most often victimized and as a result of that victimization is convinced that the day. ah the people at it from speaking on to future. it's more so if you own a website ninemsn pleading with the drug resistance that the bunks and i'll add cream reality. and according to the night this will help organize and to report that means coleman the entry to the actions once again you can read about this a don't comb or so that is revealed to us from keeping twist of assaulting and he says by that mythical beliefs from all of this kind of atheism that was good enough to go home right from the sea. do
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a gripping picture the reporters later the hall on top. to the concert the interstate this coastline from the international monetary fund the creepiest to ninety and seventeen billion dollars. i'll be the next two years to help the nation avoid a two fold but they can often just a few billion dollars immediately in the meantime russian officials say yes yes that's the most ghetto is reached three knock off the dose if it is unclear how the embattled country who pays the bills. oh business and liz and i says the imax cash is likely to cause problems for the average
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ukrainian. comes with strings attached and that was the problem the bulls now very firmly into the government's court and they need to come up with the reform program because all said and done they come by that way at this price is they need to fix the economy and this money is just so that allows the to hold it together while they get over that word but in order to do that. the guys have to excuse some very harsh austerity but that i mean good things to cut said in a way to stick it out. what they called the overly generous pension. at the same time the contest to raise taxes so the four ukrainian people i'm rather than being bailed out by the time and thanks for your students to get this over the certainty that the populations increase in cyprus the scene. but even more costly even more difficult to bed. so this could cause problems but i think the promises that have been made the right eu association and the imf bailout have led people to believe that once the rest
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comes and see what it would help. everything's gonna get access. it's actually the salt that is going to get a lot worse than the average person. i went but i ran the wealthiest our niece ninety eight he played in you can experience if even that i love that our bones it's an elementary school that piece of reportage rebel forces price of the non verified video mind a place to share the government was behind the attack the rezone getting civil war has claimed the line to buy for a hundred and fifty thousand people and displaced millions. several hundred people nice and really knocking on tv. thanks to steve hundred to teach school that right. the second in the northeast the country the truth of the night and non students. flooding in
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the face of america is being blamed for causing an explosion at the jail in florida. they are small cylinder for migrating station t k when no one but it pays to pass hard to feed o'brien over the last forty six dollars even in the vicinity of the chernobyl of neptune floating in the longer run into local rules to allow you to integrate them into the ocean regarded explosion at the temple and take the story of the tell tale is that of someone over a kaplan was broken the post below so that was that the work of mental gets portion of the house and told them to salina journal there were about six hundred people. surely at the time to follow the robot one hundred and three and a ticket to the various hospital to the area. continues on the way to write this column entry polis is in control of american shrinks and twenty
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eleven but the elections were marred by bloodshed that the least fourteen people killed across the country thus despite tight security with hundreds and thousands of soldiers deployed to try and prevent attacks of putting sanctions. my dad lives in rome then that i ate the cake was banned from leaving around the capital results of the bout it will be released tonight at night meanwhile the un says seven hundred and fifty iraqis were killed last month making april the deadliest since the start of the shield. we are critical respects that the new partner for his predictions on the outcome violence of course is the very much a part of the landscape throughout iraq and it's only natural that there would be a very violent outcome from this election the violence is the worst it's been since two thousand and seven. there were more than two thousand deaths get him a first quarter of two thousand fourteen. it's spiraling out of control and
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the worst that it's been since the american coalition forces left iraq. i don't see how it's going to get any better unless there were some reason to believe that there was a fundamental shift in how power is projected in a row. i don't see any happier which was awesome to hear most going with them or needs of an optimist i'm excited snacks with lacey the concert hall. iii
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the air. it all wrong. and i it didn't do it. it moves we will use tongs to you money is on the scene it depends he comes to them and cheaply. he has prospered in the seventeenth century the council. it still was a
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joke about it. small private school opened in eighteen forty two. made in the men's contribution to japan's nineteen cents he tried to walk up my stash. many young students told him what to do a show in the summer the major figures in the most enticing me to come the seaside market is attempting sorry for any number of seats. the winter season. it is a famous local specialty. the many warnings that the meat slicer she does that teach the commons. aye aye two point four million tourists who visit the chair a must see spots is the one hundred and twelve meat if you look so young. to
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the hill. seems like a sister it provides a home for many inshore species. you can get a closeup view of everything from green to stingray seems to make sure made it clear went to visit us. that's when its forest of community comes in to me. i mean is a simple and complicated that's why you never get to it. the best beauty to be simple. twenty five thousand chameleon trees for awhile and slumps in custody. these bows are also encouraged. she reveals many individually i
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somehow wind up with books thus the newscast hike. a strange hybrid rates and delicate shades of pink appreciate these many subtle distinctions. is he. bred to produce more gorgeous in every house. the most releases aged eighteen to go pick up the country i was completely focused. reviews of cost. seemingly simple get him to sleep last night. a fitting symbol for the subsidy very actions of the old house in town. new
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when woohoo . the i do the studios here in berlin this is a journal. thanks to his coming. russia percent since the school buildings in east in ukraine. the mets why does this gondola ride police used tear gas water cannon and tear down monday to protest its tentacles an irish politician gerry adams remains in custody wednesday this threat
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